If you get a hosting machine of your own, it will work independently, so it will have its own Os and you can later install server side programs directly or script-driven internet sites through a hosting Control Panel. While keeping the Operating System updated isn't always considered fundamental, it can be a rather important task for a variety of reasons. A newer OS version could have better support for certain hardware, so you might get better performance for the internet sites and web applications you install. Your server shall also be more protected since updates normally include security patches that fix small problems which may allow unauthorized individuals to access your content. Last, but not least, current script versions, which are also released for both boosted security and for additional features, may need a later version of the Operating System in order to work effectively and with their 100 % capabilities.

Weekly OS Update in Dedicated Servers

If you get one of our dedicated web hosting plans and you would like to have an up-to-date Os, but you haven't managed your own hosting server before and you aren't confident how to do that or you simply do not have the required time to take care of the hosting machine, you can take advantage of the OS update service that's included in our Managed Services bundle. Our admins can install the latest patches for the OS that you have chosen for the hosting server - CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu, and they will make sure that all of your apps are operating correctly after that. The updates are carried out once a week, so you will constantly have the latest Operating System version and you won't need to bother about any OS-related security issues.