Data Backups

Have you ever lost your website content? Make use of our data backup service

When put on the World Wide Web, your site content is normally prone to hack attacks. It may be affected even by your very own personal unintended actions. Choose us and, there is nothing to worry about, because we maintain a backup copy of your site content, which will be restored whenever you want. Moreover, you could create manual backups of your whole website with just a mouse click at the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Web Site Control Panel. Our system will successfully restore all of your files and will save them in an archive file, which will be kept in your hosting account.

VPN Access

Safe, private web site browsing

If you would like to remain truly anonymous whilst exploring the web, we offer you an easy solution. With all our cloud hosting packages, you will be able to obtain VPN access. We will route your entire inbound and outbound web traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your electronic footprint untraceable. And you’ll gain VPN access irrespective of what web–connected device you are using.


A secure and safe web application firewall software

All our cloud hosting packs have ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does a wonderful job – it functions as a web application firewall program, efficiently shielding your web site against hacker attacks. And it all happens immediately, without you needing to configure or set up anything. Your websites will become guarded the minute you decide to host them with us.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Do not be worried about your websites hosted on our cloud web hosting platform

We’ve created our very own cloud hosting system where performance durability is the top concern. By result of the fact that the load is uniformly distributed among a number of servers, your web sites will continue to load quickly even if the web hosting server is under stress. This also implies that the hosting environment is much less vulnerable to hacker or DoS assaults.

True Cloud Platform

We have developed our very own custom–made cloud hosting platform using the most recent top–class technologies. Having every service (DNSs, email messages, databases, web apps, etc.) dealt with by an autonomous physical machine, your web site content will operate in the cloud and will also be entirely protected from unexpected network outages and service disturbances.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A 99.9 percent server uptime is guaranteed

At Budget Hosting 4 U, we offer a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime warranty. This means that, rain or shine, your site will be accessible online and everyone will be able to visit it. All this is possible due to the custom–built cloud hosting platform that we’ve developed. It’s based on a significantly tweaked version of SELinux (Security–Enhanced Linux) so as to ensure optimal uptime for all cloud web hosting clients.

Web Hosting Control Panel

All the useful site administration tools that you may need in one location

Control all your web sites with a single click taking advantage of the custom point ’n’ click Web Site Control Panel. It includes a drag & drop File Manager, an all–in–one Domain Name Manager for your domains (you can edit your WHOIS info and your name server settings, lock, unclock and ID–protect your domain names, add custom Domain Name System records, etc.), a quick Mail Account Manager (you can forward e–mails, activate anti–spam protection, set up auto–responders, set up e–mail filters, have sender address forgery protection, etcetera), a Database Manager for managing multiple MySQL & PgSQL databases, an in–depth statistics graphical user interface and a lot of advanced tools.

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